We have developed the most efficient frying pan in the world: The SpacePan. It is inspired by aerospace engines, and captures over twice the amount heat from your gas stove compared to a regular pan. The SpacePan enables you to cook faster ánd save gas. It's like driving a Ferrari with the fuel consumption of a Prius: fast, fun ánd efficient. The main benefits are outlined below:

50% gas reduction per meal

Extremely efficient

The SpacePan captures significantly more heat from your gas stove due to its patent-pending rib structure. Therefore, you only require half the amount of gas to cook a meal compared to a regular frying pan. Searing steaks on the lowest heat setting or frying an egg on the pilot flame are no issue for the SpacePan.

2x faster heat up time

Productivity is key

During rush-hours, there is no time to wait for the pan to heat up. The SpacePan heats up easily twice as fast with unrivalled heat distribution - compared to a regular pan. No more waste of gas, time and food quality. The SpacePan gives you all the power your need, right at your fingertips.

The infrared video on the right shows the heatup of a regular pan (left) compared to the SpacePan (right). Take note of the heat leakage around both pans.

3x longer lifespan

Engineered for durability

Regular frying pans warp due to a thin bottom and poor heat distribution. SpacePan's patent-pending rib structure not only allows for superb heat distribution but also prevents warping.

Handles tend to break because manufacturers use cheap components. The SpacePan is equipped with a 3-point solid stainless steel rivet attachment that can withstand a pulling force of 1,1 tons.

Instead of a plastic Teflon coating that wears-out quickly, a durable ceramic non-stick layer is applied which does not contain any harmful substances (like PFAS) and lasts significantly longer.